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I write code and design systems around Java (Spring Boot), Hadoop Stack (HBase, Kafka, Spark, etc.) and AWS services (Lambdas, EC2, S3, DynamoDB, Glue, Athena, ECR, Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Firehose, etc.), and MongoDB. I'm experienced in working with big data and mobile ad industry (real time analytics, stream data processing, asynchronous data processing and systems, data and processing pipelines, etc.).

I'm also a Top Writer in Technology and Artificial Intelligence on Medium and writer to six reputed publications on Medium. Have at look at my personal blog and Medium blog for more info. Also check my Github profile for projects.

I write about data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, programming, and much more about technology on my personal and Medium blogs.


Manipal University

Master in Embedded Systems October 2013

Visvesvaraya Technological University

B.E. in Electronics and Communications March 2010


CoStrategix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Senior Software Analyst June 2018 - Present

I have been working on Big Data technologies such as the Hadoop stack (Kafka, Spark, HBase, Ambari, Yarn, etc.), MongoDB, AWS Services (Lambda, EC2, Athena, Glue, DynamoDB, ECR, S3, Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Firehose, etc.) for designing and developing various ETL pipelines, stream and batch processing services. I have also been responsible for designing and developing large scale distributed processing units deployed as Docker services in a cluster environment. I have written shell scripts for making UAT and production deployments of various distributed services easier.

CoStrategix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Software Analyst June 2016 - May 2018

I got the opportunity to work with various new technologies such as reactive calls in NodeJS (using Promises) to automating campaigns in Pardot. I have been responsible for developing RESTful APIs in projects for a variety of tasks, some as simple as saving form data to a MySQL database, to orchestrating a number of micro-services to work in harmony to get the desired output. I have also been responsible for structuring the codebase of certain projects to maximum code reuse. I have had the opportunity to speak at "tech talks" to share my knowledge on a shiny new piece of technology, or to explain how I'm using the various tools available to maximize my performance.

I got the opportunity to dive into the ocean of Data Science, by attending various courses on Udemy and Coursera, and also by building various POCs. Using this knowledge, I was able to work on a project which involved processing huge amounts of data using Apache Spark.

Lookup.to (Hatchery Software Services Pvt. Ltd.)

PHP Developer July 2015 - June 2016

I'm responsible for integrating third party services into the Lookup panel and the tech stack, end-to-end. I'm responsible for carrying out all technical discussions regarding integration with partners, testing the integration with unit tests and then migrating the same to production. I'm also responsible for handling the PHP part of the Lookup panel, handling the Android client and Springs based backend integration of third party whenever required.

METI (Mysore Embedded Technology Institute)

Senior Software Engineer August 2014 - July 2015

Worked on the SCADA website, the Android app for the website, and more.

Vibrant Infosystems

Senior Software Engineer October 2013 - August 2014

My responsibilities include managing all the projects that the company takes up, making sure that all the projects are on schedule, and will be delivered in time. I'm also responsible for the development of PHP and Android based projects, as I will be responsible for designing the architecture, database schema, and project plan for projects in these technologies. I'll also be actively coding in these technologies.

Another part of my job includes communicating with the clients to take their requirements and feedback on current projects. I also come up with new strategies to keep the team members active and interested in their work, and to ensure timely delivery.


Following is the list of technologies that I have worked on till now in my career.

  • Java
  • MongoDB
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Spark
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Kinesis Firehose
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
  • Amazon Lambda Functions
  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Glue
  • Amazon ECR
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Spring Boot
  • NodeJS
  • Express NodeJS Framework
  • Angular 8
  • PHP
  • MySQL


  • Passionate about coding, always enthusiastic to learn something new, hungry for performance feedback, fantastic team relations, participative - these are some of the qualities that makes Srinidhi an asset to any organisation. His work ethics are also very impressive. He has unique ways of building team relations such as start a fitness group or unite people with common interests. Working with him and knowing him has been an absolute pleasure. Detail oriented and sincere to his tasks; he goes that extra mile to help his colleagues. He most definitely has been one of the key performers of the tech team.

    Tanushree Ishaani
  • Sunny was my colleague at METI. He was an intern, involved in designing the SCADA front end tool, and I was responsible for testing it. This way, I was able to work with him closely.

    He was leading the software team, and was doing it very effectively. He likes his job. Truly a dedicated worker. Everything around him goes smoothly. He has got the skill of communicating his ideas effectively to the team. An efficient and calm person, who was always ready to take up the challenges.

    He has played a major role in the SCADA front end design. In fact the METI SCADA is moving from version 1.0 to version 2.0 largely because of his contributions. He was mainly responsible for generating shift wise reports, Live graphs, redirecting the website.

    Throughout the internship, Sunny completed his work on time, and even added some extra features to the website when necessary.

    I heartily recommend Sunny and would be happy to work with him again.

    Ramanuja Sreenidhi
  • I have worked with Srinidhi on multiple projects. His strong commanding technical knowledge makes him a valuable resource. Apart from his technical knowledge, he wears multiple hats such as a good team player, possess extremely good leadership skills, and delivers task on or before the due date. As a developer he always tries to write clean and well documented code and his ideas or suggestions on technical architecture are simple, effective, and fool proof. Speaking about his mindset he can think like an entrepreneur, play like a developer, see things as a QA, and manage and lead a team with positive dynamics. His broad mindset will earn him any position for the company. Any team or project will be very lucky to have him as a team player.

    All the best for your future.

    Ashrith G N
  • I am working with Srinidhi from last couple of years. He is technically very knowledgeable person. We can find lot of engineers who have the ability to deliver the assigned work in a timely manner. But only a few of them can deliver it with high standards and best practices. Srinidhi is one of them who always tries to produce quality code with industry best practices. Apart from coding he has also designed scalable software applications. His coding and system design skills are exceptional. He has written technical blogs on various topics which is helping a lot of engineers including me. Srinidhi is really an asset for any organization.

    Nagananda K K

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